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Sunday July 22nd

Vintage Rutherglen

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Friday July 20th

Vintage Rutherglen

Is anyone able to help Clarissa in her search for information of her relatives? (Nugent/Hansen / Burrows) Loving this photo of the bees near the vineyards*update*

Since my 1st post I have found the real surname of Annie Sophie Hansen who married John Thomas Burrows is Fricki (Fricke/Fricks).

Her parents who also lived in the area and were buried in Corowa and Carlyle Cemetaries were Mary (Maren) and Hans Peter Fricke.

Her brother preferred to be called Peter Hansen but was born Christian Peter Fricks.
Hello all, my name is Clarissa Klazema and I'm searching for information on my ancestors who I believe lived and worked in Corowa/Wahgunyah/Rutherglen in the late 1800's - mid 1900's.

The family names I would really appreciate some help on are Nugent, Hansen and possibly Burrows.

Firstly, I apologise for the long story. I will try and keep it as short as possible. In 1914 in Ayr QLD my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Annie McGregor married Christian Peter Nugent (Jnr) who stated he was from Wahgunyah and his father also called Christian Peter Nugent (Snr) was also from Wahgunyah. His mother was Annie Sophie Hansen.

Christian (Jnr) also went by and seemed to prefer the name Peter Nugent. He was born abt. 1876 and was 38 when he got married. He died in Brisbane on 20 Dec 1948. I am unable to find too many census records on him prior to 1909 in Ayr as Peter Nugent.

Christian (Jnr) apparently had an older sister, Ann? Annie? It is said that his real surname may have been Hansen and his real father was Hans Peter/Christian Hansen.

The family of 4 is said to have possibly arrived in Aust. around 1860 from Denmark when Christian (Jnr was about 2 -5).
Both marriage certificates for Christian (Jnr) and Annie Hansen/Burrows state that they were born in Sydney and Bendigo respectively.

On 19 Sept 1984 in Corowa, a Annie Sophie/Sophia Hansen married John Thomas Burrows and had 6 children, Mable, Mary (Mollie), Stella, Margaret (Maggie), Hilda and John (Jack). I'm unsure if this could be Christian (Jnr)'s sister or maybe half sister. On her marriage certificate she states her father as Hans Peter Hansen and mother is Mary Rasmussen. She died on 5 May 1919 in Corowa.

Christian Nugent (Jnr) is said that he was a very strong swimmer and very athletic and may have been a bricklayer like his Dad Christian/(Hans/Peter?) (Snr). Christian (Snr) was said to be a very competent bricklayer and could build the brick 'spirals'.

Christian (Snr) was also said to have kept bees and had apiaries. These bee hives may have gone on to being used in the vineyards in the area.

I am unable to find any reliable records for Christian Peter Nugent (Snr)/(Hans Peter Hansen) or Mary Rasmussen or Annie Sophie Hansen (Snr).

In hope someone may recognise the people in the pictures, I have attached some photos which were found in my Great Grandmother's possessions. (Elizabeth Annie Nugent). She is said to have wrote to his sister-in-law Annie Hansen/Burrows? But as she died in 1919, I thought it may have been her daughter Mabel or one of the others.

I appreciate any help or comments. If it is allowed by admin and makes it easier for them, I can be contacted by phone 0404 822 455 or email or simply a comment on this post.

Thanks for taking the time to read and a big cheers,

The attached photo is of men standing in front of bee hives. On the back of the card it reads "????? at the side of the vineyard taken fifteen years ago. ???? the bees are in all the vineyard now".

I have attached other photos in the comments of people I believe may have lived in the area.
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Saturday July 7th

Vintage Rutherglen

The "Bunyip Cricket Club" Lake Moodemere Circa 1870 ... See MoreSee Less

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Rutherglen Historical Town Guided Tour

Every Saturday (weather permitting) at 9.15am leaving from the Rutherglen Wine Experience a member of the Society will be conducting a guided tour of some of the fascinating buildings and places of significance in the centre of Rutherglen

Rutherglen Main Street

Main Street Rutherglen Circa 1864

The tour will take about 60 to 90 minutes and includes a Historical Walking Tour booklet and a free bottle of water.

Bookings essential, before 4:30pm the day prior to the tour at the Rutherglen Wine Experince (Information Centre)